Hello and welcome to Curious Couture. My name is Jim and I design and construct one-of-a-kind garments. I have been an engineer for 15 years and I have over 10 years of sewing experience. This combination of skills and experience gives me the ability to design unique garments and not just copy. One of the reasons that I do custom work is that there are many people out there who make wonderful off the rack designs. While I know that I can compete with them, I would rather work with my clients to figure out a design that is flattering for their body type and makes a distinctive statement.

You may be wondering why I don't have a bunch of designs with prices up on the site. That sort of system might make shopping easier initially, but it is very difficult to figure out what will work unless you are the same shape as the model. My methods allow me to custom-design exactly what you want so that you get the best value. I offer a free 1 hour consultation to figure out the best options. Once we get an idea or direction to work in, I'll quote you based on time and materials. In some cases it could be a fixed price. A good example would be a second corset made off the same pattern. I have a base rate of $25/hour. This rate is flexible and if there is something that I can reuse, for example tooling or designs, then I can lower it. I also offer full to partial trade on professional services as long as materials are covered.

Every pattern that I draft is unique, and is based on your actual measurements. I take into account the actual shape of your body when creating your design so that the corset will fit your curves exactly, unlike those bought off-the-rack. I draft your pattern by hand then create you a mockup to make sure the draft is solid and the design works with your body. Making a mockup allows me to make small changes so that the final garment will be just right since it is easier to make the changes before the final garment is finished.

All of my work is fully lined and all seams are encased; I use a variety of construction methods depending on the design. My main construction method involves using welt seams where the boning is trapped inside of the seam allowances. This method reduces construction time, as well as increasing sewing accuracy, due to the fact that I do not need to sew in extra material for boning channels. It also means that there is three or more layers of fabric on either side of the bone which increases the durability of the garment. In some cases the boning channels are on the outside as a design element; the possibilities are only limited to your imagination. I also make my own bias binding and trims to complete the look. In addition I can make accessories like skirts, hats, and purses from the same fabric to build you the best possible outfit.

I collect and use antique sewing machines. I like the feel of them and I believe that they actually work better than the newer plastic machines that companies are churning out today. I have different machines for different weight fabrics. My 2 Singer 66s (one motorized and one treadle) are ideally suited for sewing with top-stitch and upholstery thread, while my Singer 15 is very good at sewing delicate fabrics or those projects that need a lot of sewing detail. For leather and vinyl projects I have a foot-treadle Singer 29-4. It can sew through pretty much anything I can fit under the foot.

This site and all its contents are copyrighted. Please do not copy my images and text. This is a small community and word will get back to me eventually. This is my art and I would like credit where credit is due.